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1 machines or machine systems collectively
2 a system of means and activities whereby a social institution functions; "the complex machinery of negotiation"; "the machinery of command labored and brought forth an order"

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  1. The working parts of a machine as a group.
  2. The collective parts of something which allow it to function.


  • Croatian: mašinerija
  • German: Maschinerie
  • Finnish: koneisto
  • Spanish: maquinaria, mecánica

Extensive Definition

The scientific definition of a "machine" (derived from the Latin machina) is any device that transmits or modifies energy. In common usage, the meaning is that of devices having parts that perform or assist in performing any type of work (cf Concise Oxford Dictionary). Machines normally require some energy source ("input") and always accomplish some sort of work ("output"). Devices with no rigid moving parts can be considered tools.
A machine is anything that makes work easier.
People have used mechanisms to, or transform one form of motion or energy into another.
The mechanical advantage of a simple machine is the ratio between the force it exerts on the load and the input force applied. This does not entirely describe the machine's performance, as force is required to overcome friction as well. The mechanical efficiency of a machine is the ratio of the actual mechanical advantage (AMA) to the ideal mechanical advantage (IMA). Functioning physical machines are always less than 100% efficient.
Modern power tools, automated machine tools, and human-operated power machinery are tools that are also machines. Machines used to transform heat or other energy into mechanical energy are known as engines.
Compound machines are composed of more elementary machines called simple machines, such as the wedge and the pulley. Machines are considered simple machines if they perform their action in one movement. These devices may also be used to support industrial applications, although devices entirely lacking rigid moving parts are not commonly considered machines. Hydraulics are widely used in heavy equipment industries, automobile industries, marine industries, aeronautical industries, construction equipment industries, and earthmoving equipment industries.

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accouterments, action, adding machine, addressing machine, agency, agent, all-crop harvester, apparatus, appliance, appliances, appointments, appurtenances, armament, automobile, backhoe, baler, bean harvester, beet harvester, binder, breaker, bulldozer, calfdozer, carryall, cast plow, channel, clockworks, combine, compressor, contraption, contrivance, convenience, conveniences, cotton picker, crab, crane, crimping machine, cultivator, cutting machine, cutting press, derrick, device, dishwasher, disk, disk harrow, disk plow, drag, dredge, dredger, dredging machine, drill, drill plow, drive, drive train, drop hammer, duffel, dumping machine, edger, elevator dredge, engine, enginery, equipage, equipment, expedient, facilities, facility, fittings, fixture, fixtures, folding machine, four-bottom plow, furnishings, furniture, gadget, gang plow, gear, gin, going between, grader, grain harvester, grub hook, habiliments, harrow, harvester, haymaker, header, hoe drill, hoist, hydraulic press, impedimenta, implement, innards, installations, instrument, instrumentality, intermediation, kit, lawn mower, lister, lister cultivator, machine, machine drill, mailing machine, materiel, means, mechanical aid, mechanical device, mechanism, mediation, medium, middlebreaker, moldboard plow, motion, motive power, motor, motorcycle, movement, movements, mower, munition, munitions, navvy, organ, outfit, packager, paraphernalia, peg-tooth harrow, pile driver, planing machine, plant, planter, plow, plow drill, plumbing, power mower, power plant, power shovel, power source, power train, prairie breaker, press, press drill, printing machine, pulp machine, punching machine, pusher, rake, recourse, resort, rig, rigging, roller, rose engine, rotary plow, ruling machine, saw machine, scooter, scraper, screwing machine, seed plow, seeder, service, servomechanism, sewer, sewing machine, shovel plow, snap machine, snow-thrower, snowblower, snowplow, solar machine, sprayer, spring-tooth harrow, stag gang, steam hammer, steam shovel, steamroller, stock-in-trade, subsoil plow, sulky lister, sulky plow, swather, swivel plow, tackle, tackling, tedder, things, thrasher, three-bottom plow, thresher, threshing machine, tool, tractor, trench plow, triphammer, turnplow, two-bottom plow, typewriter, typing machine, utensil, utensils, utility, vehicle, vineyard plow, walking plow, washing machine, watchworks, water wheel, wheels, wheels within wheels, windlass, windrower, workings, works
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